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360 Phot Booth | Automatic

360 Phot Booth | Automatic

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Power Bank

360 Photo Booth - Motorized/Automatic

What better way to capture memories than with a 360 photo booth. It's like having an entire studio camera crew taking photos of you, all at once. Whether it be for a birthday party, corporate event or even weddings- this is the best way to make sure everyone has time in front of the camera.
✔ The novelty keeps guests entertained
✔ Allows users easy access, no long waits
✔ Captures every moment from every angle

27 inch 42 lbs without the case
32 inch 54 LBS without the case
39 inch 72 LBS without Case

27 inch 22 lbs without the case
32 inch 30 LBS without the case
39 inch 51 LBS without Case

27 x 27 x 7 inch Circle
32 x 32 x 7 inch Circle
39 x 39 x 7 inch Circle

1-2 Guests at a time (27 inch diameter platform)
2-3 Guests at a time (32 inch diameter platform)
4-5 Guests at a time (39 inch diameter platform)

What's Included

  • 1x All steel base
  • 1x Angle Adjustment rod
  • 1x Selfie telescopic Arm
  • 2x Remote control
  • 1x Light remote control
  • 1x LED strip
  • 1x Arm Fixed screws
  • 1x Tablet Bracket
  • 1x iPhone Bracket
  • 1x Money Gun
  • 1x Trendy Props
  • 1x Red Carpet
  • 1x 12V Power supply
  • 1x Power Bank
  • 1x 360 Hard Case Carrying Case with wheels
  • 1x Arm Power Bank holster
  • 1x Slow-motion ios App 

ALL ORDERS INCLUDE THE CARRYING CASE* This will make your 360 photo booth extremely portable!
Want to start a 360 photo booth business?
Let’s go over the amazing revenue potential with this product

On average the cost of a 360 photo booth rental is $500/hr!
You can break even on your investment win 1-2 EVENTS:

One 4 hour rental = $500 x 4 hours = $2000
Make your money back right away - it’s a no brainer!

Earn more by having multiple bookings on one day or work at your own pace!

If you rent out 2-3 of your 360 photo booths at the same time every weekend for 4 hours each, you can earn $16-20k a MONTH! Over $150K in a YEAR!

Why Purchase From Us?

✅ Free Slow-motion ios app (First 3 Events on us)
✅ Free access to our 360 photo booth course
✅ Free 1 Year Warranty on damaged parts
✅ Free assembly assistance (tele-assistance)
✅ Quality design and materials
✅ Free Business Startup Consultation

Return Policy:

Please contact us for customer service if you have any concerns or questions regarding your product. We offer a 7-day return period to all customers for quality issues. Due to the weight of the product and shipping fees, all returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee. All products have a 1 Year Warranty for product defects, so please reach out to us with your concerns. Thank you so much for your understanding and corporation.

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